BB King on his 1968 gig at the Fillmore West in San Francisco

BB King on his 1968 gig at the Fillmore West in San Francisco:

And he gave me the best entry I think I’ve had and the shortest. He said, ‘Ladies and gentlemen, I bring you the chairman of the board: BB King!’ Everybody stood up, everybody. You could hear a pin drop. I ain’t never had this happen to me before ever in life. They all stood up and then started to applaud. But man, that got to me so much I just couldn’t stand it. I just stood there and started crying. Do you know, out of my forty-five minutes of playing I had about three or four standing ovations. And when I got ready to leave they stood up again. And that was the beginning of playing to different crowd of people. In that night, instead of about 90 percent black we had about 95 percent white – first time ever. And that was a feeling I don’t know how to describe but I wish I could.

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